Research and product development is directed by coordinator Steve Henig, Ph.D. There are also supportive to the above group, the Advisory Committee on Nutrition (NAB) consisting of experts in nutrition and health and the Scientific Board (SAB) whose members are leading experts.

Member of SAB is the Lou Ignarro, Ph.D., winner of the Nobel Prize in 1998. And the two councils led by Dr. M.D David Heber, PhD, Professor of Medicine and Public Health, University of California (UCLA).

The Herbalife lead the research and development of dietary supplements. In 2003, Herbalife sponsored University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), namely the Center for Food founding the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Research Mark Hughes enhancing scientific research in human nutrition. Additionally, the company launched a new Science and Products to 10.000 sqm area in Torrance, California. In August 2007, the company has yet to grant one to the National Center for Natural Products Research, School of Pharmacology at the University of Mississippi. The sponsorship will help scientists Center (NCNPR) to identify and study the biologically active chemicals found in herbs, which can be used in the development of future dietary supplements and skin care products from Herbalife.