For optimum results using any products of your program daily and consistently.
We have seen that 10 days of consistent use makes a huge difference in results you can see on the scales and to scoop.

We need to do everything, but if you can be really consistent and not to steal ten days your body will put the operation of thermogenesis and fat burning and you really feel as if the weight goes like water.

Note: Everyone is different and if you diet frequently if you use many drugs, smoke or drink alcohol regularly, your results may take longer longer. Just be patient, it will work for you and feel better than ever for a long time.

Water, water - makes a real difference. The recommended amount of water our body needs daily to our ideal weight is 2 liters per day. For weight loss you need to drink more.

Note: If you are accustomed to drink 1 glass of water a day, just try to get the 8. Do not do the overnight because it will seem daunting. We recommend you take a water bottle of 1.5 liter.
Fill in the morning and add 2 teaspoons Instant drink herbs. Try to finish the bottle to fill the afternoon and another 2 cups of water until the evening. The water you drink with Instant drink herbs counts, but soft drinks and fruit juices do not count

The fat will be converted into water in your body and you need to flush from your body to get the maximum weight loss results and points. The only way to do this is by drinking water.
Otherwise it remains in your body with all the other toxins that wash the herbs that can cause headaches and easily reach the back.