Created in 1994 by Herbalife Founder Mark Hughes, Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) creates partnerships with charities to help meet the nutritional needs of children at risk. At the same time, HFF is there to provide funds to organizations assisting victims of natural disasters. HFF is a global non-profit organization working in communities around the world.

In 2005, the Foundation HFF proudly introduced the program Casa Herbalife, a program goal is to provide healthy food in cooperation with existing charities for children. This unique children's program got its name from the Casa Herbalife, an orphanage the HFF built in Brazil in 1998 and continues to work until today. Now there are more than 30 Casa Herbalife programs worldwide.

Alongside the development of Casa Herbalife programs worldwide, HFF often enough to respond to natural disasters in the allocation of financial resources, as it did in the case of victims of tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes.

In Greece, Herbalife supports SOS Children's Villages covering the nutritional needs of a house, whilst urging the Distributors to engage themselves in charitable activities.

Herbalife also globally implement the program "LIVE GREEN" making recycling efforts in corporate offices as well as all the Partners for participation in major reforestation efforts.